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Crowdrise: The Social Network with a Purpose Crowdrise: The Social Network with a Purpose

Crowdrise: The Social Network with a Purpose

by Theo Schell-Lambert

August 8, 2010

Like most successful fundraising ideas, the social networking site Crowdrise started with Maasai warriors and Edward Norton. “Edward was running in the 2009 New York Marathon with three Maasai warriors,” says co-founder Jeffrey Wolfe, describing the actor’s push to raise money for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. “And he wanted to build a campaign that engaged supporters ... in creative and personal ways.” The group built a donation website that turned into such a hit—"We raised over $1.2 million in 43 days, most of it from small donors”—that they decided to expand it into a permanent platform.

In May, Crowdrise was born: a social networking site dedicated to fundraising. Crowdrise users launch donation pages for their pet causes, which they can decorate with photos and video. The site also allows them to “join” others’ causes and broaden the donation funnel.


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Crowdrise: The Social Network with a Purpose