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Aerie’s New Ad Campaign Celebrates Real Men

It’s time to embrace male body positivity.

Via YouTube

Over the past few months, GOOD has highlighted the wonderful work that the Aerie clothing line is doing for female body positivity. They made a big splash in 2014 by hiring female models with natural-looking bodies and stopped retouching any of their images with Photoshop. The results? A 10 percent uptick in sales, proving that lingerie shoppers like seeing women with real bodies. Now, Aerie has gone a step further by introducing a clothing line that embraces natural-looking men.

Aerie’s new #AerieMAN campaign is a “celebration of REAL men who love themselves inside and out.” Like its campaign for women, it features no retouching and a new “body-positive approach to men’s underwear.” It’s a powerful message that men rarely hear in a world where underwear models are hairless and have six-pack abs. The campaign introduces the audience to four men who embody Aerie’s style: Kelvin, Matt, Doug, and Devon.

Via YouTube

“My hope is that by sharing my unretouched self it will inspire others to feel confident enough to share themselves,” Kelvin says while taking selfies of his beefy bod. “The real you is sexy,” he says. Aerie’s message may be empowering for men, but the real question is, How does the underwear feel? Does it bunch? Is it supportive in all the right places? Underwear that fits well is truly empowering.

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