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Single Dad Teaches Fathers How to Style Their Girls’ Hair

It’s a great bonding experience.

Few men will ever truly understand the relationship a woman has with her hair. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, the average woman spends 10 minutes a day washing and conditioning her hair, another 15 under the blow-dryer, and 15 more styling her tresses. A woman’s hair can have a big impact on her self-confidence and sense of femininity. Right or wrong, how a woman wears her hair has a lot to do with how she’s perceived by others. Even Hillary Clinton once told the 2001 graduating class at Yale College, “The most important thing I have to say today is that hair matters. Pay attention to your hair. Because everyone else will.”

In light of that, single dad Philippe Morgese is doing something very important for both his daughter and fathers everywhere. After he started putting clips in his daughter Emma’s hair to keep it out of her face, he began experimenting with more dynamic braids and buns. This led to creating a series of classes called the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory at a cosmetology school in Daytona Beach, Florida. At these events, fathers got a crash course from Morgese in styling their daughters’ hair. Over the first two months, more than 100 dads have taken the class.

“The reaction has been phenomenal,” Morgese told The Doctors. “Just watching these relationships flourish over a simple idea … like doing their hair, you know?”

Here are just a few of Morgese’s hair creations on his favorite model, Emma.

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