Detroit Urban Farm Gets Solar Renovation Detroit Urban Farm Gets Solar Renovation

Detroit Urban Farm Gets Solar Renovation

by Julie Ma

August 20, 2012

By next year, Solidarity hopes to be operating as a solar business that will allow people to get the technology without breaking their backs. They’re currently in talks with four neighborhood businesses and plan to focus on turning Highland Park into a solar-powered community. The next step is to build neighborhood trust by doing presentations about their system one house at a time. Eventually, Koeppel hopes that solar power will kickstart Motor City.

"On paper, a neighborhood like Highland Park is not the first place where you want to start a business," Koeppel says. "But we’re changing the perception of the neighborhood. If people are fixing up their homes, generating their own electricity, and saving money, they create value to a place that has been by and large been written off as valueless."

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Photos courtesy of Jackson Koeppel

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Detroit Urban Farm Gets Solar Renovation