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Disarming: New Project Uses AK47s as Icons of Peace Disarming: New Project Uses AK47s as Icons of Peace

Disarming: New Project Uses AK47s as Icons of Peace

by Yasha Wallin

October 8, 2012

The AK47 killing machine isn't an object one normally associates with peace. But for the project and exhibition AKA Peace, 23 contemporary artists have used this icon of destruction as a canvas to create artwork to raise awareness for peace. All of the decommissioned assault rifles come from war torn regions—taking an object synonymous with violence and fear and turning it into something beautiful. 
Today all these repurposed guns will be for sale at Phillips de Pury, with the proceeds going to Peace One Day's Global Truce Campaign for 2013. Peace One Day led the initiative to establish International Peace Daythe first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violenceadopted by the U.N. Now, they hope to grow that effort into something even larger than it's become. 
The AKA Peace project was curated by British artist Jake Chapman, and founded by photographer and Amnesty International Award Winner Bran Symondson, who had the idea for the show following his experience as a soldier in Afghanistan. Participating artists include Damien Hirst, Sam Taylor-Wood and Antony Gormley, among others. 
Learn more about how you can help Peace One Day's efforts here.


Photos courtesy of Phillips de Pury & Company. From top to bottom: Laila Shawa, Nancy Fouts, Langlands & Bell, Damien Hirst, Tim Noble & Sue Webster.
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Disarming: New Project Uses AK47s as Icons of Peace