Do You Wear a Bike Helmet?

A new study, which the Freakonomics guys point to today on their blog, shows that bike helmet laws might actually impact the number of bikers on the road. The reasons for people not liking helmets are obvious (they aren't cool; they cost money; other outdoor sports don't require them). But are those reasons really enough to stop someone from biking?Apparently, yes. In the 21 states with helmet laws, youth helmet use was way up (obviously), while youth ridership as a whole was down. I find this surprising. Yes, I also always hated wearing a helmet, and took it off as soon as I was out of my parents' sight. But it wasn't enough to keep me off the road. Then I got older and cared less about looking cool, and always wear one now.What about you? And do you think the laws are important, regardless of whether or not you personally like them?Image via