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Dr. Dre to Fund Huge Arts Center in One of the Nation’s Poorest Neighborhoods

Compton, California will finally have a real venue to support the neighborhood’s artists.

Image via Wikimedia

Straight Outta Compton opens Friday, and it’s all the nation has been talking about (besides Star Wars, this weird map, and really stale … M&Ms?) While the nation eagerly waits to blow $30 on Milk Duds, Dr. Dre recently made headlines for other slightly-less-controversial news. Upworthy reports that Dre is helping to fund a huge arts center in his hometown city of Compton, one of Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhoods, and one of its most creative.

Dr. Dre. Image via Wikimedia

26.3 percent of people who live in Compton live below the poverty level, as compared to 15.9 percent of all Californians. Even the neighborhood’s violent crime rate is nearly three times the city average. But the neighborhood has been home to a number of amazing artists outside of N.W.A., and Dre wanted to contribute his support. The artist partnered up with Mayor Aja Brown to make a donation, and his enthusiasm was warmly received. Brown told The Los Angeles Times: "I believe this performing arts center will provide a pathway for creative expression, exposure, and training to the myriad of industries that support arts, entertainment and technology—while providing a much-needed safe haven for our youth.”

Dr. Dre comes with a complicated history and reputation (don’t even check the reddit threads), but this donation could go a long way. Why not give back to the place that gave to you?

(Via: Upworthy)

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