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Eat More Creatively With Saucee

For as long as either of us can remember, we were forced to have a glass of turmeric steamed milk when we were sick. It was part of our Indian culture. We'd plug our noses to drink it down, but the taste seemed to never go away. We weren't fans, but it always worked. This story is what made designing Saucee No2 Turmeric so special to us. Food is and should always be personal. Our Saucee mission started from our own stories and relationships with food, though none of our sauces point to any specific culture.

Both Mohit Jain and I, Himanshu Shah, have grown up as vegetarians. We started talking about our taste in food almost 10 years ago as freshmen at UC Berkeley in San Francisco. We were always looking into ingredients, asking specific questions at restaurants about their cooking processes, and in general found ourselves leaving a bit confused and more curious. The conversation continued and we’re now here launching Saucee on Kickstarter.

Every aspect of Saucee has been designed to follow our values. Our sauces are 100 percent organic and free of all added oils, sugars and other unnecessary stuff. Each flavor was designed around a special ingredient with a story, beautiful colors, and a purpose that underlies the community around each ingredient.

Our intent is for Saucee to inspire people to #EatMoreCreatively in their own ways, so we started a Twitter feed where our Saucee fans can share how they’re doing just that. We hope for our community to seek organic foods, support local food movements like farmer’s markets and new resources like Good Eggs, learn more about ingredients, and think about the personal stories they have with food. Ultimately, we want people to take more control of their own food environments and make them personal.

Through Kickstarter and the support of local companies and events in San Francisco, we have not only successfully ensured our mission will move forward, but more importantly set a foundation for how to build Saucee so that it works collectively for a good, sustainable food future. If you’d like to be a part of what we’re doing, check out our Kickstarter project and join the conversation with @GetSaucee on Twitter, hashtag #EatMoreCreatively. Tell us how you'd make our sauces an integral part of your meals.

This project will be featured in GOOD's Saturday series Push for Good—our guide to crowdfunding creative progress.

This month, we're challenging the GOOD community to host a dinner party and cook a meal that contains fewer ingredients than the number of people on the guest list. Throughout March, we'll share ideas and resources for being more conscious about our food and food systems. Join the conversation at and on Twitter at #chewonit.

Images courtesy of Saucee

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