Education: Morning Roundup, Arne Duncan Will Stump for Democrats

Morning Roundup:

From The Christian Science Monitor: Education Secretary Arne Duncan will campaign for Democrats

While Education Secretary Arne Duncan says education should be the one issue where “we put politics and ideology to the side,” he still plans to hit the campaign trail for Democratic candidates in mid-October


From The Wall Street Journal: Friended for $100 Million

Mark Zuckerberg, the 26-year-old founder and chief executive of Facebook Inc., plans to announce a donation of up to $100 million to the Newark schools this week, in a bold bid to improve one of the country's worst performing public school systems.


From The Washington Post: Duncan: Gray will continue school reform\n
Presumptive mayor-elect Vincent C. Gray, facing the most keenly anticipated personnel decision of his administration-in-waiting, is scheduled to sit down with Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee on Thursday for a conversation that is expected to address how long Rhee will remain on the job.
From The New York Times: A Claim of Pro-Islam Bias in Textbooks\n
Some conservative members of the Texas Board of Education assert that the history books used in this state have a pro-Islamic bias, and they are upset about it.

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