Education: Morning Roundup, Vallas Leaves New Orleans

Morning Roundup:

From PBS' NewsHour: New Orleans Superintendent Leaving Legacy of Charter School Expansion

As the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, the superintendent brought in to revive New Orleans' troubled public schools is bidding farewell after turning many of the schools into charters. Before his departure, Paul Vallas speaks with John Merrow about where things stand with the city's school reform efforts.

From the Wall Street Journal: Giving Lousy Teachers the Boot

Michelle Rhee does the once unthinkable in Washington.

From the Boston Globe: Textbooks: Sympathy for the debt-laden

While a new federal law will be slightly helpful to college students put off by stiff textbook costs, the basic problem is that neither professors nor universities have strong incentives to minimize the burden.

Photo via Daymon Gardner