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Ellen's Good-Bye Tribute To Obama Is Just So Damn Good

“I’m a legally married woman because of him and so is my wife”

As we contemplate the end of President Obama’s time in office, our outgoing commander-in-chief received a very special goodbye from none other than Ellen DeGeneres, the queen of daytime talk.

“I love him, I love Michelle,” the host said on her Thursday show, which she dedicated entirely to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

“I’m a legally married woman because of him and so is my wife,” DeGeneres said, referring to Obama’s role in supporting marriage equality, which allowed her and longtime partner Portia de Rossi to finally tie the knot officially.

“His courage and compassion created equality for everyone.”

While just about everyone has been offering up their own hot take on Obama’s time in office, Ellen’s was particularly poignant because of her own personal journey into marriage equality and her obvious fondness for the Obamas. That sentiment was returned last December, when President Obama awarded DeGeneres the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award for her activism on behalf of equality in the LGBTQ communities.

Ellen then played a hilarious and touching montage of clips, which included the two times Obama visited the show during his presidency and his famous dancing moment shortly before taking office.

Some of the other highlights included Michelle’s visits, including the classic in which she and Ellen engage in a push-ups competition. Spoiler: Michelle wins.

Something tells us Ellen won’t be doing any nostalgic video loops for Donald Trump’s presidency. Unless, of course, it’s marking the end of his presidency in 2020.

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