Star-Studded Video Serves As A Heartwarming Farewell To The Obama Family’s Time In Office

Stars and regular citizens remember how Obama taught us all, “Yes, we can.”

While Donald Trump and his transition team might be kicking over every stone imaginable to find musicians to play their inauguration, it doesn’t seem like the Obamas have the same struggle when it comes to finding stars to wish them well as their days in the White House come to a close.

The White House just released this video that serves as a sort of brief retrospective on the President’s two terms in office, as told by big names such as Kobe Bryant, Leo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres, and Tom Hanks, as well as some everyday folks.

And believe it or not, it might just be the run-of-the-mill citizens, speaking about their struggles and the fights Barack Obama took up that make a more compelling argument for his presidency.

Take a look at the emotional and poignant video here:

The video’s theme circles back to a slogan (a promise?) that Obama made while campaigning for his first term. He told America, “Yes, we can,” and in this video, Americans are sharing how exactly he enabled them and others with his leadership. It’s certainly worth checking out, even if may stir up emotions based not just on where we’ve been, but where we’re headed in the next four years.