Europe Looks South for Sun and Wind

We've already heard that Europe and North Africa could get 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2050, and here's something to suggest they're on their way. Motherboard reports that firms such as Siemens and Deutsche Bank are getting behind projects that would help the European Union reach its goal of 20 percent renewable energy by the year 2020, by garnering energy from the Sahara Desert. It seems that what the world's largest desert lacks in habitable living conditions for humans, it more than makes up for in it's potential for solar and wind energy sources.

This isn’t some dream of free power for all mankind, it’s something that’s actually happening, right now.

European Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger put it this way: “I think some models starting in the next 5 years will bring some hundreds of megawatts to the European market.” ... One of the technologies they’re planning on using is Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP) plants which “use mirrors to concentrate sunlight to create heat which is used to produce steam to drive steam turbines and electricity generators.”


Let's hope there are plans to share some of that renewable energy with the continent that will be supplying it.