Chemical Found in Beer Can Cause Men to Develop Breasts

Too much of a good thing could lead to shopping in the bra section.

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Here’s some bad news for men who enjoy beer, especially IPA’s. A chemical found in hops can cause you to grow man boobs. Hops are the flavoring and stability agent used in beer responsible for its bitter, tangy flavor. IPA’s are especially hoppy, so they can increase your chances of developing beer breasts. The bad news doesn’t stop there. Hops were also used in the middle ages by European monks to suppress their sex drive and they're known to have a negative effect on sexual function. Something to consider next time you have an extra round of IPA’s at the local craft brewery with your buddies.

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Hops are the enemy of all things masculine because they contain phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen is great for women. It can reduce the symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flashes, and it’s shown to improve a woman’s lipid profile to prevent strokes. The good news for both sexes is that hops were once used as medicine by Native Americans to aid digestion and stimulate gastric juices. So they’re great for a tummy ache, as long as it wasn’t caused by drinking too much beer in the first place.

Men, please drink responsibly (or get used to shopping in the bra section).

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(h/t Independence Brewing and Women Living Naturally)

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