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Fitness Instructor Responds To Bullying Over Wedding Dress With Kindness

‘Kill all the mean girls with kindness’

This wedding reception was more about ducking shade than catching bouquets. But fitness instructor found a way to turn the “embarrassing” incident into a movement for kindness. The 31-year-old said the mini skirt she wore to a friend’s recent wedding reception drew a number of harsh comments from “bullies” at the event and now she’s trying to turn the body shaming moment into an opportunity to encourage women to stand by each other.

Before wearing her pink and tan dress, Krueger consulted with the friend who had invited her to the wedding. “I sent her four options of mine,” she told Self Magazine.

But when she arrived at the reception, things took a quick and inappropriate turn for the worse. “I was just standing at a cocktail table drinking a coffee and my friend was on the dance floor with some of her friends dancing,” Krueger told Self. “Then, I felt somebody come up and slap my butt really hard, and I turned around in shock because I didn’t know anybody at this wedding.”

Rather than a sexist male, it turns out the offending slapper was a woman who was “dared” by three other women at the reception who referred to Krueger as a “target.” Things escalated when the women continued to make disparaging comments to Krueger. “The looks and stares continued after that, and I felt so unwelcome and embarrassed,” she told US Weekly.

The next day, Krueger posted a photo of her dress to her social following on Instagram, which went viral with nearly 3,000 likes and generating attention in the media. Krueger decided to seize the moment and use all of the attention to launch what she calls a “kindness campaign,” #KruegerKindness, encouraging women to “kill all the mean girls with kindness.”

“I’m just trying to get as connected as I can with other women who are trying to do good,” she told Self. “I want to focus on the positive and not all the negative stuff that’s been attracted from this post.”

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