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Food Studies: Culinary School, Singapore-Style Food Studies: Culinary School, Singapore-Style

Food Studies: Culinary School, Singapore-Style

by Peiwen Lee

April 19, 2011

Our pioneer class in Singapore is a true smorgasbord of students, with backgrounds in engineering, business, and even teaching. But what I like about food and cooking is that the entire process, from the kitchen to the dining table, brings diverse people together. We brought up Warren Belasco's concept of "commensality" in our class on gastronomy and I couldn’t agree with it more. People come together to cook, and people come together to dine.

I am only in my fourth month at the CIA and have already had a whirlwind introduction to the produce we can get in Singapore, a wide variety of different cooking methods, and even meat and seafood fabrication.

Peiwen is a student blogger for the Food Studies feature on GOOD's Food hub. If you enjoyed this, you should check out the rest of the Food Studies blogger gang here.

All photos courtesy of the author: (1) Tasting nuts during a product knowledge session; (2) Lentil soup topped with croutons and chives; (3) Pasta day at the CIA.

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Food Studies: Culinary School, Singapore-Style