Ford’s New Electric Bikes Warn Cyclists When Cars Are Approaching Too Fast

These bikes could save your life.

While commuting via bicycle is healthy for humans and the environment, riding through city streets can feel intimidating and downright dangerous. Ford is trying to create a future where there is are fewer accidents and safer cyclists.

Image via Ford Media

At the Mobile World Congress, the motor vehicle company introduced a pair of electric bicycles meant to revolutionize the safety and efficiency of biking. The MoDe:Me, meant for commuters, and MoDe:Pro, meant for couriers and other professional bikers, feature a 200 watt motor as well as a battery that’s capable of propelling riders to speeds of 15mph.

Most appealing are the sensors located on the back of the bike seats which alert riders by vibrating the handle bars and flashing lights on the sides and back when a car is approaching at a dangerous speed from behind.

The e-bikes will also experiment with interconnectivity and GPS, notifying riders of fellow e-bikes when others have switched on their turn signal as well as suggesting bike friendly routes to riders.