We Summed Up Our 5-Month Deep Dive Into Cities in One Video

“Life becomes much richer when you live it amongst people.”

Do we make our cities or do our cities make us? Five months ago, we embarked on a journey in collaboration with Ford to answer that question, and found ourselves in conversation with thought leaders from around the globe about the nature of urban life. Since then, we’ve curated a provocative collection of city-inspired videos, billboards, love letters, infographics, and slideshows—and we’ve raised a lot more questions about how to lead meaningful lives in the complicated cities we call home. But from Hong Kong to Baltimore, Dakar to L.A., promising cities everywhere seem to have at least one thing in common: an engaged community. As D.C. photographer Josh Cogan puts it: “Life becomes much richer when you live it amongst people.”

In this video, we celebrate the GOOD Cities project with our Los Angeles community. Tell us about your city’s inspiring community on Twitter and Instagram using #goodcitiesproject.