Five Amazing Gadgets From CES 2016 That Will Make Our Lives Better

Every January thousands gather at the Consumer Electronics Show to see the newest gadgets.

Every January, thousands gather at the Consumer Electronics Show to see the newest gadgets that will change our lives, or at least look like they might. The show just wrapped, and in between the virtual reality headgear and smart cars, there are some finds that could make the world a better place. Here are five products from this month’s show that are a bit more inspiring than a lot of tech and could help to save lives—and the planet.


On average, we use 80 liters of water when we shower. This shower head keeps track of your water use, turning colors when you have reached a target amount (it’s set to 55 liters). What’s more, it runs on a battery that is charged by the shower head.


The smart steering wheel cover alerts drivers with lights and sounds when they’re showing distracted behaviors, including taking their hands off the wheel. It was designed by a teenager, with his peers in mind.

The Smart Ski Airbag Vest

By In&motion, this vest “detects unavoidable falls and inflates in less than 100 milliseconds.” It’s designed for skiing, but there are a number of other high-impact sports it would be good for, too.

Ampware Case

Remember how much you relied on your battery-powered radio when you lost electricity? Old meets new with this crank-powered phone charger. Five minutes of cranking can generate up to an hour of phone use.


A baby monitor that uses pulse oximetry (what hospitals use) to keep track of vital signs. The wireless “Smart Sock” fits on your baby’s foot and monitors heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep, and sends the info to your phone.