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Get a Bacon Flavor Named after You Get a Bacon Flavor Named after You

Get a Bacon Flavor Named after You

by Zach Frechette

October 14, 2009
Not to go too crazy with my Kickstarter love (we do love those guys), but I couldn't resist posting this new project in need of funding: The Ethical Butcher's Custom-cured Bacon. The description on the site explains, "This bacon is made ... using only the most sustainable sources. Although the primary goal of The Ethical Butcher is pleasing your palate, an effort is also made to create community by connecting the product of local farmers with consumers and to catalogue the regional and personal influences on an individual's flavor choices." A pledge of $50 or more lets you choose from 24 different flavor profiles, or request your own flavors based on a bacon consultation.
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Get a Bacon Flavor Named after You