Photofeeler Gives You Anonymous Feedback on Your Online Photos

It's not just about selfies.

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People are judging the pictures you post of yourself online, whether they’re deciding to “like” your new Facebook profile photo or making a knee-jerk decision to swipe left or right on Tinder. A credible-looking photo can get you more followers on Twitter and a professional-looking headshot on LinkedIn may make or break a job opportunity. Beyond the superficial levels of social media, having the right photos can make a huge difference in your professional and romantic lives.

Photofeeler is a new website that lets you post photos of yourself and choose the arena in which they should be judged whether its business, social, or dating. In order to find out what people think about your photos, you first have to review ten shots posted by other users. Your honest and constructive feedback can help them boost their social media game, too.

In order to give an example of how it works, your daring GOOD reporter put his reputation on the line and posted a recent shot of himself taken at the racetrack. He then subjected it to a Photofeeler dating test to see what the ladies felt about it.

Given the results, I’m glad I’m married. But let’s be honest, if I could caption the photo showing that I won $36, I think I may have been rated at least 15 percent more attractive.

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