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Water Protectors Invite All To Join At Standing Rock For ‘Give Thanks' Migration

Be ready for direct action

The water protectors and their allies, those who have been peacefully protesting to protect the Missouri river and their water supply from the Dakota Access Pipeline, are sending out an invitation to all living beings around the world. They invite all to stand with them on the front lines of the protest over the Thanksgiving holiday between November 18 and November 30.

The invitation to “give thanks” and join in a migration—human and animal species alike—and continue to stand in protection of human rights is more important than ever after the events of last evening. These rights include indigenous sovereignty; standing in solidarity for the protection of the environment; and every being’s right to clean water.

Artists are especially welcome and are encouraged to bring their skills and knowledge to Standing Rock. They’re also welcome to bring or send works of art in solidarity with the protesters. Whoever joins will be standing with over 300-plus tribes, joining thousands of indigenous peoples. The migration is meant to be a safe space for all communities and offers camps for women as well as LGBTQ and allies on site.

Be ready for direct action. They need assistance with cooking, education, carpentry and more. And it’s terribly cold. So bring camping supplies, food, and sub-zero gear. No alcohol or weapons are permitted.

But there is one thing you can build. “Mirror shields” will be used by the water protectors to protect themselves from the rubber bullets, pepper spray, water cannons, and more. Made of masonite and mirrored adhesive, the protectors will use these shields to invite the aggressors to view themselves and reflect on their actions.


Water protectors have most recently come under siege. On the evening of November 20, North Dakota forces attacked the unarmed protesters with water cannons, rubber bullets, percussion grenades, and other “non-lethal” weaponry.

North Dakota law enforcement has blocked roads to the north, so coming from the south through Standing Rock Reservation is strongly encouraged. Google: Prairie Knights Casino and Resort, Fort Yates, North Dakota, for a better idea of how to get there. Camps lie 10 miles north of the casino.

Those bringing donations can check the camps’ websites for supply lists. Camp of the Sacred Stones, Red Warrior Camp, and Oceti Sakowin Camp are all actively seeking donations.

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