GOOD 100: Meet Garett Brennan, Clean Energy Warrior

Garett Brennan is the executive director of Focus the Nation, a clean energy youth empowerment organization that believes in a different...

Garett Brennan is the executive director of Focus the Nation, a clean energy youth
empowerment organization that believes in a different approach to environmental
activism — emphasizing community partnerships over street protests. Since 2008, FTN has helped more than 300,000 young people embrace the challenges, excitement and realities of moving their communities toward clean energy solutions.
Outside of FTN, Brennan has demonstrated his commitment to protecting the environment through his service as an ambassador for companies focused on sustainability, including Clif Bar, KEEN Footwear, and 1% for the Planet.

Every summer, Focus the Nation selects 20 rising clean energy leaders from across the country to ReCharge! together. The group, made up of five students from each of FTN’s Collaboration Quadrants: Technicians, Innovators, Politicos, and Storytellers, are invited to spend a week on Oregon’s iconic Mt. Hood, where they will experience the acceleration of renewable energy. When the delegates return to their home campuses, FTN will continue to provide support for the projects that are sure to come out of this summer experience.
Brennan will also help launch Energy Hero, a joint effort between FTN and The Wilson Center to prototype an online gaming platform that will let people "play" with our country's energy system and increase their energy literacy. For policy makers, the private sector, and utilities, it will provide a scope of data about what choices people would actually support (or oppose) to innovate the country's energy system. Once the game goes live, it will need beta-testers, so GOOD users, get ready to play!
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