@GOOD Asks: What's the Best Way Teachers Can Bring Creativity and Innovation to the Classroom? The Community Answers

Over the past year, the education conversation has largely been critical of policymakers, teachers, unions and administrators. While this examination is necessary, it shouldn't keep us from seeing those educators who truly are making a difference in their students' lives—often overcoming significant obstacles to achievement. To this end, GOOD and University of Phoenix is launching The Great American Teach-Off—a nationwide competition that will identify classroom heroes and reward one with a $10,000 grant to use towards his or her classroom. Make sure to get your submissions in before the deadline on Friday, September 16th at midnight.

Yesterday on Twitter and Facebook, we asked our friends: What's the best way teachers can bring creativity and innovation to the classroom?

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Here's a sampling of responses from our Twitter:

And here is what our Facebook buddies had to say:

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