@GOOD Asks: What Should Communities and Governments Be Doing to Nurture Innovation in Cities?

Last week on Twitter and Facebook, we teamed up with the Regional Plan Association andasked our friends: What should communities and governments be doing to nurture innovation in cities?We ask a question to our Twitter and Facebook faithful once a day, so if you’re not yet following @GOOD or a fan, make sure to sign up and participate in the conversation.

Here's what our Twitter followers had in mind:

And here is what our Facebook buddies had to say:

Last Friday, April 16th, the Regional Plan Associate hosted their 20th Annual Regional Assembly, "Innovation and the American Metropolis," to dicuss innovation in citites and regionalism with leaders in the space.

We want you to join the conversation about innovation in cities. Let us know what you think communities and governments can do to nurture innovation in cities. Any success stories?