GOOD Design Daily: Concert Posters Against Social Media, for Social Interaction

Cleveland's Marcus Thomas agency designs an anti-social media, pro-social interaction poster campaign for the Kent State Folk Festival.

In an effort to promote the 44th Kent State Folk Festival, which takes place November 17 through 20 in Ohio, Cleveland's Marcus Thomas agency designed an anti-social media, pro-social interaction poster campaign. The sentiments are clever and concise:

Clapping your hands when you like a band is way better than clicking some Like button.

Let your memory download the music for a change.

The sensual, pulse-pounding rhythms of Samba shouldn't be experienced via YouTube.


That most people who see the campaign will do so online is maybe fitting; integrated into the border of each image is a power cord, which is conspicuously unplugged. The imperative couldn't be clearer: Turn off the computer, get out of the house, and go hear to some live music.