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GOOD Ideas for Cities: Enhancing Transit Stations

Dallas has the largest light rail system in the country by mile. Now how to turn the city's 55 stations into centers of social and economic activity?


Although stereotypes paint Texans as pickup-loving drivers, Dallas now has the largest light rail system in the country by mile, and a true dedication to grow the network. How to turn the city's 55 stations into centers of social and economic activity that make people want to live and work nearby? As part of GOOD Ideas for Cities Dallas, the Transformation Stations team proposes their idea for turning the city's DART stations into vibrant cultural plazas.

First, an engagement campaign would call for art and artists to be represented in the stations, transforming the areas visually. Then the teams looked at bringing economic development to each station. Focusing on a suburban station as the model, the team realized that it would be up to the local community to program each station according to what was needed in their neighborhood. So they decided on a kit-of-parts which could be dispatched to each station as requested. Community groups could choose between a newsstand module, a patio concept, and a pocket park, and situate each element where it would have the most impact for local residents.

Challenge: It's a common perception that Texans won't take transit, ride bicycles, or walk, other than to get to their pickup truck. Now with the largest light rail system in the United States, it is time to change Dallas' image into one of a truly multi-modal city. How might we transform the 55+ stations in the system into centers of social and economic activity, creating a vibrant network of communities connected by various modes of transit?

DART: Jack Wierzenski

Transformation Stations: J.B. Chaykowsky, Hon Yam Mok, Charlotte Hicks Todd, T.E. Sumner, Jeremy Klott

Video by Madison Liane and Michael Piccola

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