GOOD Ideas for Cities: Making Local Farmers More Profitable

Many farmers are reporting that they are making less money than ever. How changing the way we buy local produce can ensure their profitability.


Even as more attention is being paid to bringing farm fresh produce to urban areas, many rural farmers are reporting shrinking profits. How can we ensure the success of these small businesses that are so valuable to a region's health and well being? As part of GOOD Ideas for Cities Portland, Sincerely Interested presented their ideas for how to help small, local farmers become more profitable. Starting with a campaign that brings visuals from farm life into the city, the team proposed some non-traditional ways for the public to engage with buying local produce, from night markets (complete with beer gardens, of course), to artist-farmer collaborations in greenhouses that pop up on city streets.

Challenge: Local farmers are reporting that they are working more markets yet making less money. How do we increase access to fresh locally grown food while ensuring profitability for our region's farmers?

Portland Farmers Market: Trudy Toliver, Executive Director

Sincerely Interested: Nicole Lavelle, Sarah Baugh, Justin Flood

To learn more about this idea, contact Nicole Lavelle at nicole.lavelle[at]gmail[dot]com

Video by Paul Searle

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