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GOOD Ideas for Cities: Uniting Cultural Institutions

How can local creative institutions work together to attract talent? A group of 20-somethings from Cincinnati has an idea.


Cincinnati has hundreds of thriving art and design organizations, but the city itself is segmented into different neighborhoods, meaning residents have a difficult time getting the big picture of the city's cultural vibrancy. How can the local arts scene become both a source of innovation and an economic driver for the city?

As part of GOOD Ideas for Cities Cincinnati, 20-Somethings Doing Something proposes a city-wide movement that will help unify artists and drive the creative economy. By assigning each Cincinnati neighborhood a specific color, Queen City Spectrum hopes to highlight the unique cultural experiences happening in each neighborhood. Color-coded calendars of cultural institutions include smartphone-enabled event listings, encouraging residents to discover what's happening around them. A physical campaign that plays out through public art, signage and merchandise also encourages exploration and brings color to the city's blank walls. By using bright colors proclaiming "art is here," the movement will help residents to see the culture that's happening all around them, forging a stronger arts community and attracting more creatives to the city.

Challenge: Cincinnati is known for its strong and diverse arts community with a plethora of offerings that include large museums and institutions, excellent arts schools, and alternative spaces and galleries. How can the local arts scene serve as a catalyst for the local creative economy in a way that will attract talent, fuel innovation and build a stronger workforce?

Contemporary Arts Center, Molly O'Toole

20-Somethings Doing Something: Michelle Stawicki, Lauren Mae Oswald, Angela Kowalski, Kelsey Downs, Mandy Smedley, Emily Wolf

Queen City Spectrum: Connect with Queen City Spectrum on Facebook or email them at queencityspectrum[at]gmail[dot]com

Additional support provided by the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation\n
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