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GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $2,000 to Innovate Earth Day GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $2,000 to Innovate Earth Day
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GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $2,000 to Innovate Earth Day

by GOOD Maker

April 20, 2012

To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, communities around the globe will mobilize to protect and restore our planet’s natural resources. Since its beginning in 1970, Earth Day has rallied millions of people and communities to fight for a healthy Mother Earth. In honor of this movement, GOOD is seeking interesting and creative ways of promoting the Earth Day message through our Innovate Earth Day for GOOD challenge.

Whether you want to plan a green-powered festival, hold an educational eco-tourism excursion, or set up pop-up composting stations throughout your city, GOOD Maker can help activate your idea. Simply tell us how you’ll promote the environment in 2012, and we’ll award $2,000 to the project that earns the most votes. Projects can be implemented within six months of the award date; they do not need to be carried out on Earth Day.

Submissions for the Innovate Earth Day for GOOD challenge are open from April 17 through May 15 at noon PST. Voting will be open from May 15 through 31.

Want to learn more about GOOD Maker? Drop us a line at maker [at] goodinc [dot] com or sign up for our email list. Visit to participate in a current challenge.

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GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $2,000 to Innovate Earth Day