GOOD Video: Atlanta's Mayor Counts Down to Neighborday


Last month, in an effort to bring residents of small towns and big cities cities together, we created a holiday called Neighborday. We're hoping that on April 27, neighbors across the world get to know each other better so that they can potentially rebuild cities together, form small skillshares, or even make it possible to borrow cups of sugar more often. Strengthening communities is what we're all about, and if it takes a holiday to make cities more friendly, we're doing it.

Tomorrow is the big day, and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is encouraging you to say 'Hi' to someone on your block that you don't know yet, invite a neighbor over for coffee, or get popsicles around the corner. Check out what Mayor Reed has to say, and get inspired. Also, see what other people are doing across the world.

Sign up for Neighborday, tell us your plans, and send us footage of everything you're doing with your neighbors for the GOOD Neighborday documentary!