GOOD Video: Can Technology Help Students Become Compassionate Doctors?

In part eight of the Future Learning series, Catherine Lucey of the UCSF School of Medicine shows how technology helps faculty train caring doctors.


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Renowned as one of the most prestigious medical schools in the world, the UCSF School of Medicine employs technology to help students and faculty learn more effectively. At the school's Kanbar Simulation Center, students record practice consultations and review the videos to improve each step of their patient interactions. Students also use iPads in labs, which makes training videos and resource material easily accessible at the point of practice.

For Catherine Lucey, Vice Dean of Education at the School of Medicine, integrating technology aids the faculty in teaching students to become compassionate, skillful physicians. Click on the video to learn more about UCSF's approach to learning.

This video is part eight in our Future Learning video series about technology in classrooms. Check out our first video on Khan Academy here and learn about other forward-thinking innovators like Sugata Mitra, Sifteo, Digita Tabula, Innovations for Learning, Connexions, and Collaborize Classroom.

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