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Help Bikers Preserve Wildlife—And Win the $50,000 Grant Help Bikers Preserve Wildlife—And Win the $50,000 Grant

Help Bikers Preserve Wildlife—And Win the $50,000 Grant

by Amara Holstein

April 18, 2011

How can you help organizations like Sonoran Desert Mountain Biking? Donations, of course, are always appreciated. Among other things, SDMB needs money for new tools to help maintain trails, especially since they’ve acquired the coveted Arizona Trail stewardship for the five miles that run from Mexico to Utah—a rare honor accorded by the Forest Service. Vance also urges people to “come visit and get the word out about how great we are!”

What if all this bike advocacy talk has you hankering to make a difference in your own community? First, find out if there is already a local advocacy group in the area by checking out IMBA. If you have a local chapter, offer to help, or just donate and get out and ride. If not, Vance has some advice: “Find a like-minded group of folks who like to bike and play, and organize around that. But make sure you’re organized and professional. Because if you’re seen as a group of renegades that rides on any dirt lots that are around, you won’t be taken seriously.”



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Help Bikers Preserve Wildlife—And Win the $50,000 Grant