Hillary Clinton’s New 404 Message Proves her Marketing Team is Hysterical

She’s becoming the master of political self-parody

Hillary Clinton may not have won any primaries lately, but she been winning the candidate comedy wars. Last weekend on Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon sent up the Democratic front-runner as a New Yorker in name only. KcKinnon’s Clinton struggled to eat warm peanuts and an all-American hotdog before getting hung up in a subway turnstyle. So naturally, the post-Broad City Clinton that we now have greenlit a new 404 error page on her website that takes ownership of the sketch.

Let’s not forget, Clinton historically has a pretty good sense of humor when it comes to the 404 error. This is one of her old messages when a page couldn’t be found.

And it turns out she’s been a staple of 404 culture throughout politics over the years. The GOP once made her the butt of its own response code fails by featuring an unflattering photo of Clinton and making a joke about the link being “broke”.

While over at Rick Santorum’s offical site, a reference to Clinton’s use of a private e mail server to send government correspondence was a used for laughs.

But considering Rick Santorum’s unfortunate relationship with the internet — thanks, Dan Savage! — we’ll chalk that one up to sour grapes.