This NFL player was stuck in the snow trying to get to a playoff game when a homeless man came to his aid.

Both men said their interaction led to “life-changing experiences.”

Photo by Jason Hanna / Getty Images

Over seven inches of snow fell on Kansas City, Missouri between 7am and the 1:35pm kickoff for the Chiefs versus Indianapolis Colts AFC divisional playoff game last Saturday.

While cold temperatures made for tough conditions on the field, it was a problem before the game as well. Chiefs offensive guard Jeff Allen got stuck in the snow on Highway 40 en route to Arrowhead Stadium and feared he might not make it to the locker room before kickoff.

Dave Cochran saw the stopped 2019 BMW on the highway and asked if Allen needed help. “I rolled down my window and I asked them if they needed help. They said, ‘Yeah! We're trying to get to the game,’” Dave told CBS affiliate KCTV.

Cochran had no idea Allen was a player, he thought he was a fan.

“I towed them up a hill,” Dave said. “I mean, I was kinda scared because I’m towing a 95 Suburban and they’re driving a brand new 2019 BMW.”

After the game, which the Chiefs won 31-13, Allen asked his Twitter followers if they could locate the man he knew only as Dave. Allen wanted to reward him with tickets to the next week’s AFC title match.


Steve Dial, a reporter for 41 Action news in Kansas City, was able to locate Cochran and discovered he lives out of the truck he used to help Allen.


After hearing about Cochran’s heroic deed, Justin Manford from Manhattan, Kansas set up a GoFundMe page with a goal of $10,000 to give Cochran “two life changing experiences.” The campaign has already raised over $9,400 to help Cochran get back on his feet.

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