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How Do You Reinvent Fast Food? Yoxi Kicks Off Competition to Drive Social Change

The winning team gets $5,000 and could earn up to $40,000 through community support and matching funds. It's more than a prize; it's start-up funding.

Joshua D. Fischer is the editorial director at Yoxi, a competition where teams battle to create and communicate the best solutions to social issues.

You hear that rumbling? It could be your stomach. But, actually, it’s something more. It’s 10 teams stepping into a virtual squared circle for the battle royal of social issue competitions.

Over the course of the next few weeks at, 10 teams from across the country will create videos to answer the challenge: reinvent fast food. In three rounds, you can watch and vote for the best idea. With each round, some teams will be eliminated while others will survive and advance. In the end, one team with one idea will prevail. It’s up to you to decide.

Want to do more than watch and vote? Don’t we all? Yoxi (YO-see) is also a social game. As the competition unfolds, you play along. You have the power to build your influence so that the team and the idea you like wins.

What’s at stake? The winning team gets $5,000 and could earn up to $40,000 through community support and matching funds. It’s more than a prize; it’s start-up funding.

See, there’s more to this new idea than fun and games; there’s a genuine desire and attempt at changing the world. This is everybody’s chance to take on social issues in a playful way. It’s an experiment and Yoxi wants you to contribute.

GOOD has been an excellent content partner, helping set the stage. If you’re a fan of GOOD, you just might dig Yoxi.

Come to Yoxi. Join us. Play along. Change the world.

And let’s have a good, clean rumble.

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