Vote for the Team That Will Reinvent Fast Food in Yoxi’s Social Issue Competition

Today you have the power to vote on the future of fast food. Right now, at, ten teams are facing the challenge: Reinvent Fast Food.

Joshua D. Fischer is the editorial director at Yoxi, a competition where teams battle to create and communicate the best solutions to social issues.

Hello GOOD friends,

Today you have the power to vote on the future of fast food. Right now, at, 10 teams are facing the challenge: Reinvent Fast Food.

You can watch and vote on their videos today and today only. What kind of videos? Here's a sampling:

Ever seen a dude stuff his face in a grocery store while philosophizing on the limited options in fast food? Do you wonder what it would be like to replace fast food kings and clowns with moms? Ever watched a slice of pizza get annihilated in the style of the 1980s arcade game Asteroids? Or perhaps heard the angle on fast food from a tamale-selling immigrant mother of three?

All this and more is ready for you to see because Yoxi is a competition of social issues. In Round 1, 10 teams enter, only six survive. You decide.

Here’s what you do:

1. Go to

2. Sign in (or join via the shiny orange tab at the top, if you haven’t already)

3. Click on the big green banner on the homepage that says VOTE, and start watching videos. Vote for the team and idea you like. Then check back on Wednesday afternoon to see which teams made the cut.

Remember, you’ve only got today to vote on Round 1. Let the game begin.

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