How to Share the Road with Cyclists

You might not have plans to start biking to work, but lots of people do. Wired's new wiki teaches drivers how to share the road.

If you read this site regularly, you know that we care deeply about making our streets more livable, by integrating public transportation and improving roads for walking and bike-riding.

For the time being, our cities and roads remain car-centric spaces, and for most Americans, cars are the dominant mode of transportation. But with more and more people biking to work, the likelihood of car-bike accidents (which are generally far more serious than car-on-car fender benders) increases.

That's why you should read Wired's wiki tips for sharing the road with cyclists—which remind you to always check your blind spot when using a turn lane (sometimes bike lanes go right through them) and to learn the cycling laws of where you drive (sometimes cyclists have to obey pedestrian rules, sometimes automotive). The wiki, of course, is open to anyone to edit, and could be a valuable tool for maintaining harmony with the likely influx of bike-riders on the road in the coming years—even if you have no intention of ditching your four-wheeler.

Photo (cc) by Flickr user Richard Drdul