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How We're Making Gratitude A Part of Your Everyday

It turns out that the one tried and true way of becoming happier, and building stronger relationships and communities, is to train ourselves into habits of gratitude. Gratitude, much like a muscle, can be conditioned, trained, and exercised, and the results are astounding. Recent research has been confirming that gratitude is the surest path to happiness; experience confirms these findings, and virtually every faith set in world history is rooted in gratitude. If we learn to appreciate and recognize the people we have in our lives that build us up and make our days even just a little bit better, we will be happier.

We wanted to make it easier to form that the habit of gratitude. To make it more beautiful and less abstract. Before Toms Shoes came along, you couldn’t wear generosity, but now there are a hundred-and-one companies who donate goods and profits with every purchase. Generosity used to be an abstract virtue, now it isn’t. Gratitude is still a little abstract, and Gramr Gratitude Co. is setting out to change that. We have partnered with the best photographers and designers in the country to create a set of thank you cards that are incredibly memorable, and we are offering a subscription service to encourage people to write one thank you card each week. It is the most rewarding and selfless and satisfying habit one can form—and we want to make it easy for everyone. Salespeople, artists, barbers, moms. Everyone.

Gramr exists because there is no “app” for happiness. There is no shortcut, no loophole, no lifehack. No “one weird trick.” You can’t buy it with a Bitcoin, and you can’t get it by wishing. But happiness is the only thing in the entire world that everyone wants. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you worship, we are all bound by one universal commonality—we all want to be happy.

So instead of building an app that could save us more time, help us manage our relationships more efficiently, or take/send ephemeral photos, our company sets out to make people happier—with no ulterior motives. We love people, and we want to help people love other people better. It’s really that simple.

When you give love, you receive even more love in return. We’ve set out to start a movement for gratitude, and we’re sparing no expense to make it happen. Gramr Gratitude Co. has launched a Kickstarter campaign so you can join us, get grateful, get happy. Feel good about yourself—get a little vulnerable and find out just how much there is to be thankful for.

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