This Magical Alaskan Ice Cave Captured on Video Last Year No Longer Exists

These beautiful ice caves are caused by climate change.

Discovery Digital Networks’ brand new platform Seeker hopes to take its readers on virtual adventures around the world and spark a love of wonder and travel. They have certainly succeeded with this mesmerizing first episode of “This Happened Here,” a daily series that sources photos and travel diaries from adventurers around the globe. The “Disappearing Ice Caves of Alaska” episode tells the story of honeymooners Lauren and Andrew Russel as they climb on, under and all around the massive and constantly evolving glaciers of Alaska. Their destination? A majestic ice cave located below the 12 mile long Mendenhall Glacier.

The couple was lucky to find it in time. The whole thing collapsed last July.

“Apparently they’ll be there one year and gone the next,” said Laura of the beautiful blue and bulbous caves created by the melting glaciers. “There’s no sort of consistency from year to year or season to season with what’s accessible and what’s safe.”

According to Seeker, we have the rising temperatures that come with climate change to thank for the existence of these otherworldly caves in the first place, making the entire experience of marveling at these transitory wonders just a little bit heartbreaking.