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In Copenhagen, Gas Stations Morph Into Bike Repair Shops

Norwegian energy company Satoil has installed bike care stations in Copenhagen.

It's a rocky road out there for bicyclists riding car-dominated streets and freeways. With potholes, angry drivers, and the constant threat of a swift pancaking all posing hurdles, biking means always moving against the flow of traffic. But in Copenhagen, one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, an oil company is making things just a bit easier for the two-wheeled commuters.

Norwegian energy company Statoil ASA has installed bicycle care stations at select gas stations in Copenhagen, reports Copenhagenize. The bike stations were installed using unused wall space at existing gas stations, and feature a pull-down shelf to lift and hold bicycles during repairs, an air hose, paper towels, and gloves. Inside the stations are free bicycle care kits that can be borrowed for more involved repairs. Just imagine, instead of filling up on non-environmentally-friendly fossil fuels at the local gas station, you ride your bike there and revel in your tiny carbon footprint while taking care of your sweet ride.

The note on the stations reads: "You can care for your bicycle here. You can pump and wash your bicycle and, inside the shop, you're welcome to borrow a free bicycle care kit with oil, tire levers, allen keys, etc."

While these repair stations are only a small step towards setting up a broader bike-friendly infrastructure—like more bike lanes—the project certainly represents a friendly gesture from an industry often hostile to bikers. Let's hope other international oil companies follow Statoil’s lead.

Photo courtesy of Copenhagenize

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