This Indie Rocker Has Started A Company To Provide Legal, Health, And Educational Services To Musicians

It's already raised $250 million in funding and is still growing

Passion Pit fans will be happy to know that the group has released a new song this week, but the reason for its release stands as something fans of all music can get behind. Michael Angelakos, the band’s frontman, is on the verge of formally announcing the launch of Wishart Group, a New York-based company that was created to offer mental health services to musicians but will reportedly offer a more diverse array of aid, including legal aid and educational resources as well.

So far, Angelakos hasn’t issued a statement on the news, but he did tweet a link to an article discussing the effort, along with the hashtag #seaoflove.

According to the Mashable report, the Wishart Group has already raised $250 million from investors straddling the line between tech and music. The board of the company will be occupied by similarly-focused principals ranging from music distribution execs to artificial intelligence pioneers.

Angelakos himself was diagnosed as bipolar as a teenager and came out as a gay man in 2015. An announcement from the singer himself about the Wishart Group revealing more about the company’s origins and purpose is expected this week.

Here’s Passion Pit’s new single, “Inner Dialogue,” released in concert with the news of the company’s launch: