Instagram Account Explores What Happens to Feminist Women on Tinder

A woman got tired of sexist responses. So she fought back—with social media.

It’s 2015, and feminism is still a dirty word. But it’s a real expletive on places like Tinder, where sexism is all-too-often all-too-visible. That’s why Laura Nowak created the Instagram account Feminist_Tinder, showcasing what happens when women put the word feminist into their Tinder bios.

For the account, Nowak screenshotted various conversations she had with men when they responded to the feminist part of her bio. Many of their responses were not surprising, others were totally gross, but Nowak’s retorts are always on point, and often, hilarious. She told The Huffington Post that she wanted to create the account so that people could: “learn what it means to navigate Tinder as a feminist.” Answer: it’s not easy.

Sexism comes in so many forms, others more explicit than others. Watch how Nowak checks power with politics on her personal Instagram here.

(Via: The Huffington Post)

pro tip: putting 'feminist' in your online dating bio is a really good misogynist filter

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