Intermission: Holy #$%@, What a Game Intermission: Holy #$%@, What a Game

Intermission: Holy #$%@, What a Game

by Wylie Overstreet

October 30, 2011

Disclaimer: I never liked baseball. In fact, I hated it. I'm the guy who makes biting remarks to my baseball-loving friends about how America must've had an acute allergy to excitement when the sport was chosen as our national pastime. It's not that I don't love sports; I do, I've been playing them my whole life. Just never been a fan of baseball.

Until now.

Last night, I ended up watching (it was on TV at the bar) the St. Louis Cardinals play the Texas Rangers in the penultimate game of the World Series. And oh what a game it was. Pundits are calling it one of the greatest of all time. Sportswriters described the drama as "crossing the plane of reality to some screenwriter's fantasy, a script so implausible that no one would ever greenlight it." Veteran announcers got choked up. And Busch Stadium in St. Louis went absolutely, totally, bananas.

Even if you aren't a baseball fan—like I wasn't—you should watch. And get ready for a helluva final.

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Intermission: Holy #$%@, What a Game