Intermission: How Charlie Brown Was Born

Charles Schulz draws Charlie Brown and explains how the beloved character is like all of us.


Watching Charles Schulz draw Charlie Brown is a little like watching Babe Ruth take batting practice or Bach compose a sonata. And watching Charles Schulz draw Charlie Brown while simultaneously explaining how we all have a little Charlie Brown in us—all in under 50 seconds!—is pure magic.

The video clip comes from a never-released documentary about Schulz and Peanuts, and it's a poignant look at the artistic process. "For example, when I've been beaten in a golf tournament or a bridge game, or maybe I've bowled badly on a particular night, when I feel low, this is when I come home and really pour it on poor old Charlie Brown," he says. As if the Peanuts characters didn't feel human enough, this reminds us that they're essentially ink drawings of all our own emotions.