Intermission: How to Paint a Childhood Classic

Artist Duane Keiser, the man behind "A Painting a Day," animates how to make a proper PB&J with a paintbrush.


Artist Duane Keiser, the man behind the blog "A Painting a Day," creates postcard-sized works of the various places and things that occupy his life from a easel made from a cigar box. Since 2004, Keiser has spent much of his energy painting food, including a delectable slice of pizza, a giant doughnut, and a nostalgia-inducing portrait of the classic PB&J. In this video, Keiser shows us how he makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich via "paint animation." He uses his paintbrush to create two fluffy bread slices, smears on the two paint-based ingredients with a knife, and slices the finished sandwich into two perfect halves. The video leaves us craving the classic lunchtime staple.