Introducing #OscarsSoGOOD

What would we choose as our top film picks if we were the Academy?

Pretty much every damning thing that could be said about the 2016 Oscar nominations and the Academy has already been said: the voters are out of touch, they don’t represent actual film audiences, the lack of diversity is a bigger industry problem. But what if we abandoned the Oscars altogether? Instead, maybe we should be measuring these films—critically acclaimed or not—by our own standards. Here at GOOD, some films caught our eye not for their acting or direction, but for their social value and implications. Check them out below.

Best Movie that Crushes the Bechdel Test, and Then Some:Carol

Best “Fuck the Patriarchy” Ending:Ex Machina

Best Use of Hydroponic Farming:The Martian

Best Ecofeminist Dystopian High-Speed Chase Thriller:Mad Max

Best Evidence You Don’t Need to Hire Eddie Redmayne to Make a Movie About Trans Women:Tangerine

Best Representation of Different Skin Tones:Inside Out

Best Film Where the Talented, Sexy Black Star Gets Overshadowed by an Old White Dude:Creed

Most Earnestly Post-Racial Cast:Furious 7