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Is Obama's Honeymoon Drawing to a Close? Is Obama's Honeymoon Drawing to a Close?

Is Obama's Honeymoon Drawing to a Close?

by Morgan Clendaniel

October 6, 2009
When a political idea is sent up on Saturday Night Live, it means that the show's writers think that the idea is universally understood enough that a non-political viewer will still understand it and think it's funny. Alternatively, it can be because the writers think it's funny enough that it deserves to be universally known. Either way, it's not great for a political career. Ask Sarah Palin.So, that SNL opened this week with Obama listing all his plans that have been left undone, it was pretty brutal, mostly because the lists of his un-accomplished goals on the screen were quite accurate. The argument that he has only been in office for X months is a valid one, but doesn't it start to break down sometime soon? "Give him time, it's only been two years," doesn't sound like an argument you could make with a straight face. Is it time to start wondering if Obama talked too big a game in the campaign?
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Is Obama's Honeymoon Drawing to a Close?