Is This the Future of Music?

[youtube] is this crazy synth version of Oasis-the best British band since the Beatles-you are asking yourself? Well, a few days ago, a truly atrocious ad for SongSmith, Microsoft's answer to Garageband, floated by my desk. SongSmith records you singing, and then puts your vocals to music. So, it's like Garageband without the work, but also without any of the cool features (the video is lengthy and painful to watch, I advise you skipping it). Now, in its excellent fashion, the internet is using SongSmith for some fun. By uploading acapella versions of popular songs, you can get truly hilarious versions with familiar melodies but strange, really off-kilter music.Above was "Wonderwall," and below you'll find "Sergeant Pepper," and, most importantly, "Runnin' With the Devil."[youtube][youtube] you're not familiar with the original versions, you can listen to them here, here, and here, respectively. Decide for yourself which is better. You can see a full compliment of the videos at Pitchfork here. And now that you've watched Diamond Dave strut his stuff, amuse your co-workers by pumping the volume and playing with this "Runnin' With The Devil" soundboard.