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Trader Joe’s Customer Filmed Going On An Islamophobic Rant

“Obama’s not in office anymore”

Recent studies show that hate crimes against Muslims are on the rise. Sadly, this disturbing reality comes as no surprise, after President Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric on the 2016 campaign trail. Upon taking office, his administration has attempted to normalize Islamophobia with two failed travel bans. Recently, Islamophobia reared its disgusting head again, this time in the checkout aisle in a Reston, Virginia, Trader Joe’s.

The video was given to comedian Jeremy McLellan by a friend he pledged to keep anonymous. McLellan shared the video on Facebook where it’s been viewed over 5 million times. The video starts after a hurried blonde woman asked McLellan’s friend, a Muslim woman, to let her cut in line. The woman then began to talk disparagingly about a woman in the store who was wearing a niqab and asked the Muslim woman why she didn’t cover up as well. When the Muslim woman said that it was her personal choice, the blonde woman replied, “I wish they didn’t let you in the country,” so the Muslim woman began filming.

During the interaction, the Muslim woman refuted the accusation that she wasn’t American saying she was born in the United States. The blonde woman responded with a cryptic, pro-Trump warning: “Obama’s not in office anymore. We don’t have a Muslim in there anymore ... He’s gone, too. He may be in jail, in the future,” the woman said.

“You look a little crazy, maybe you need to get some help,” the Muslim woman responded.

“I’m very normal,” the blonde woman replied.

If that woman is normal, we have a bigger problem in the United States than we already know.

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